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Monday, April 29, 2013

it Factor hair products review

I have naturally thick, coarse hair. And frequently I like to grow it out to a point that I have enough to cut it and donate to Locks of Love. In the meantime, however, I have to deal with a rough horses mane for hair. It's unruly, plain, and not as soft as I'd like.
At least until now. I was given the chance to try out some it Factor™ products that have had me saying Wow! for the past couple days now.
Shampoo, Conditioner, and Smoothing Lotion - all with the Quick Blowdry formula and VaporBoost System™. One washing and a couple dabs of the smoothing lotion had me ready for a night with the girls! I let my hair air dry since blow dryers can be so damaging and take so long with the amount of layers I have to go through. it Factor™ has a quick drying formula that enables your hair to dry faster. It also keeps your hair smooth and soft. I've always wanted hair like the commercials and this is the closest I've come yet!
I also love how it doesn't have all those unhealthy added chemicals such as: sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride. I was able to wear it down all night and not once be tempted to pull it into a pony tail which has had me breaking at the top.
The scent is really light. It's not like the name brands that are overwhelming but don't last. I think this is great also for those like my mom who have allergies to string scents. I can't even spray much perfume on when I go to visit or she starts sneezing like crazy. Have a lighter scent in my hair means I don't have to forfeit a hug to save her nose! The Shampoo leaves your hair clean and shiny. The Conditioner gives it the soft, bouncy, smooth and shiny effect. And the Smoothing Lotion also helps keep your hair smooth and shiny while helping to keep your hair detangled and frizz-free.
All three products are safe for colored and chemically straightened hair. Overall, I'm absolutely thrilled with them. I was a Dove™ only user, but this has changed my tune. Compared to it Factor™, Dove™ seems dull. Check them out and let me know what you think about them! They have products for coarse and fine hair. You can purchase them online here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adventure Landing!

Being that I've joined the US Family Guide, I've been given the opportunity to share a discount towards tickets to Adventure Landing in honor of the newest park being opened just in time for some summer fun!

Adventure Landing & Shipwreck Island Waterpark is The Place to Play! Stay cool in the summer at Northeast Florida's largest water park. Enjoy rides from mild to wild, including a Kiddie Play Area, Wave Pool and Lazy River! Practice your putting skills on our Miniature Golf Courses, twist and turn in the Go-Karts, practice your swing inside our Batting Cages or perfect your gaming skills in our Mega Arcade. Don't miss our Wacky Worm Rollercoaster and Frog Hopper - rides perfect for younger kids! And, don't forget to stop by and feed the alligators! Affordable family fun...so close to home. My Readers Save $5 with http://www.jacksonvillefamilyguide.com/coupon.php?bid=11088&lid=13938&dealid=1158®ionid=312

Hope to share more soon!

Monday, April 22, 2013

TOPS products from Shoplet.com review (and a giveaway)

Shoplet.com has once again sent me some wonderful things to review and share with you all! As I've mentioned before, they carry a wide variety of Office Supplies. Today its all about writing. I'm big on writing and taking notes on a regular basis. Whether its for blogging, my stories, or the everyday work and class notes - having a note pad around is an absolute must.
Shoplet sent me the TOPS focus notes note taking system (TOP77103) in both large and small size. They both come in 50 sheets. The small one is 5" x 8" and the large one is 8.5" x 11.75". The smaller one can easily fit into a medium sized purse. They are both for serious note takers. Date in the upper right corner, with Purpose underneath. Then the page is broken up into three sections: Notes, Cue Column, and Summary. Notes are in the main section. Write things you need to remember like you would normally. To the left there is the Cue Column where you can write questions or concerns you would like to bring up later concerning the things you are hearing in your class or meeting. This way you have everything at a glance and your questions won't get mixed up with your actual notes like they would on regular note paper. Or you could write reminders, key terms, and dates mentioned in the notes. At the bottom of the page is a Summary section. write a quick and concise review of everything above. This might be the most important things you take away from the whole lecture or the main ideas. I absolutely love the details! I'm detail-oriented and my notes take up page after page when I'm in a meeting or class. I want to remember every last little part since I strive so hard to do my best at everything. (Sounds cliche and stuck up, but what can I say?)
That's not all I got though. Shoplet sent a couple other goodies to share about. These others are the Idea Creative journals (TOP56874). form + function = inspiration. That's really what it does boil down to. They sent two sizes of this product as well. The small one is 192 acid-free pages in 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" size. It a stretchy band to keep it closed when its not in use. This is perfectly able to fit in a small purse and take on the go. In the back of this on is a yellow envelope for holding things like coupons or little pictures. I plan to use this as my shopping/work note book. The larger size (TOP56879)comes in a two pack bundle, each with 96 acid-free pages measuring 10" x 7 1/2". Great for writing! I love to write stories and poems in notebooks. And I go through one so quickly that I often do buy more than one at a time. This saves me time and money in the long run. Plus it ensures that I won't have to pause for long in between my ramblings. So go check them out! These were sent to me as promotional products to inform you all of just another cool thing they offer. And tell me what you think about them. I love reading everyone's comments!
And now for the fun part! I've decided to host a giveaway. Not from any company but straight from me! It's going to be just like any other giveaway. Except this time, after choosing a random winner I will get their information and ship the following prize directly from my home to theirs. The prize includes: TOPS focus notes note taking system (the smaller size) and a little goodie bag with Bath and Body Works Sweet Sinnamon Pumpkin 3 ounce body lotion, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scented 1.3 ounce candle, and a Caramel Apple PocketBac anti-bacterial hand gel! See the picture below and get your entries in! Good luck everyone!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mediterranean Snacks contest open to everyone!

I wrote a post about a delicious and healthy snack  company. that my whole family enjoyed - http://foreveranerdmom.blogspot.com/2012/11/mediterranean-snacks-review-and-giveaway.html. Now I'm here to tell you about a promotion they are holding that could win you over $300 in prizes! They have a contest going on which you can read the guide lines on here. Grab a back of Mediterranean Snacks, snap a picture of you with them then post it to any of their many social media outlets! You will be entered to win automatically. Each place you post on earns you another entry!
The contest lasts from now until December 20th of this year.
Guide Lines are as follows:
Rules and Guidelines:
Our Snack & Snap Sweepstakes starts now until December 20, 2013 with three (3) lucky winners selected at random.
First winner will be announced on:
June 3, 2013, second winner on September 3, 2013, and third winner on December 20, 2013!
What MUST be included in your post:
  • 1. Use hashtag: #LiveSnactive™
  • 2. Name the store (or event) and location (city,state) of where you purchased/received our snacks.
  • 3. Be sure to TAG us in your posts! NOTE: In order for us to see your post, you must be connected to us on the social platforms and the tag is active.
Good luck to everyone! Let me know if you post or even if you win!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Parenting meets the Retail Team

I get a call asking for my assistance and make my way to where I’m needed. A coworker is there with two young girls looking for their mother. Just as I arrive the mother is claiming her children. “See what happens when you wander off?” - is all she had to say. No - thanks for finding my daughters! No – oh I was so worried about you two!
So I asked what the story was and how they came to be with my coworkers. While one of the women was straightening aisles, the two girls came by alone and looking scared. The worker asked if she could help them find something. They told her they had lost their mom and were trying to find her. When the worker offered to have their mom paged on the intercom system, they were immediately terrified and begged her not to do that. “I remember what happened the last time I did that. I was in so much trouble! Please don’t do that.” What the?! Excuse me?? They began crying at this point so the employee told them she would just walk with them and try to help them find their mom and when they found her, she would walk away so the girls wouldn’t be in any trouble. And that’s what they did. What kind of mother punishes her kids so horribly that they are afraid to call her if they get separated or to ask for help? Suppose someone in the store colors who wasn’t an employee found them and tricked them into coming outside? Suppose mom didn’t come around the corner just a few minutes later and get them? NEVER should a parent make their kids scared to ask for help, especially in a large retail store! If you are embarrassed to have your name paged, don’t bring your kids with you. OR pay more attention. I’m willing to bet, she was the one who kept walking when the girls had stopped to look at something and didn’t realize mom wasn’t there. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she punished them when they got home. Like they say… Any idiot can be a mom. But it takes a lot of love, patience, and understanding to be a Mother. You Madam, are not worthy of being a Mother.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ridiculous Ramblings in Retail part 4: Are you Secrity?

So you know I work in retail. I’m a security guard in retail. I wear a Navy blue uniform with a badge and name tag, carry a mini Mag Lite and even a pair of real handcuffs. Most days I can stand for hours in the front and basically people watch. You strike me as suspicious or look like our “regulars” I might even follow you through the store.
This is what I really look like at work. Remember this for later:
One nice day, I’m trapped inside watching everyone coming and going. This guy had just finished buying his stuff and walks towards me as he heads out the door.
A puzzled look crosses his face. “Are you security?” (Remember the picture above??)

In my head I’m saying, “No, I just randomly dress like security and waste nice days inside.”
“Yes, sir I am,” I reply with my plastered on smile.

“Well, you are the cutest security guard I have ever seen,” he says with a wink.
What?! Cute?? I’m going for intimidating!!! Security guards aren’t meant to be cute. Okay maybe the really hot guys with guns are classifiable as cute, but not the skinny chick wearing hand me downs from the previous guy guards.
“Why thank you, sir.” I have to be nice after all. Its retail, dontcha ya know!

About five minutes later, another guy walks in.  This one is older, wearing a black shirt that says CATS (yes the play) across the front and has eyes in the back. He stumbles my way and gets just a little closer than I’d like. “Are you security?” Alcohol breath flows hot and heavy into my face.
I’m strongly tempted to reply with a sarcastic, “Nope. I’m just playing dress up as a security guard today. Tomorrow I’ll be a princess with a purple pony.”
“Yes, sir. I’m security. Can I help you with something?”
“Well, if I ever get arrested, I hope you’re the one arresting me!”
*Insert metal head slap here* This is probably what he thinks he sees:

“Where’s the pharmacy at?”

I point and give directions. He leans too close and looks at where my finger is pointing.

A few minutes go by and he comes back by. I get a call warning me about a drunk who just bought cough syrup wearing a CATS shirt. Good times people. Now if they will just let me come to work looking like this....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ridiculous Ramblings in Retail part 3: The missing car dilemma

I'm all for elderly having their independence and keeping their rights to live like they want. Just not when they can't remember something as simple as what they drove to the store in....
It's a nice afternoon. I'm standing at the front watching people as they come in and go out. It had been relatively peaceful that day.
The cart attendant comes up and asks if I was going to help "that lady". *Insert confused face here.*
"What lady?"
"That one". He points to the side door where two women are standing practically blocking the entrance.
"Which one? There are two. And why does she need my help?"
"I walked the whole parking lot with her because she lost her car."

Lost her car? I'm doing a mental forehead slap here as I walk over to this lady. She's got a cart full of merchandise she just bought. She's blocking the entrance, talking to this other woman that's on the phone.
"Can I help you with anything?"
"Oh yes! I can't find my car. I'm certain I parked it right here in front the doors. And now it's not there!"
The other lady asks if she's sure it was the black car.
"Yes! I only have a little black car. I don't have another." The lady insists there's only one car.
"What about the green Miata? The dark green one?"

"I don't have a dark green car. It's black."
"Well, ma'am. I'd be happy to help you look for your car if you wanted me to." I mean that's my job right? Helping people no matter how crazy they are...
"Oh that would be wonderful! Would you please?" She tries to turn and walk out the entrance doors only to find they won't open.
"Ma'am, the exit doors are this way."
We finally get outside and she keeps giving me the same description of a "little black car" that she "parked right here in front". We are standing at the side entrance though. I point to each black car I see and she keeps saying, "No, that's not it."
I'm beginning to think a cab would be a wonderful suggestion for her. We slowly go around to the front. I see a dark green Miata parked halfway down the lot to the side of the entrance. "Is that it? Oh wait, you said it was a little black car. That's a dark green Miata."
"Where?" She squints and puts her hand over her eyes even though dusk has already fallen. "Oh my gosh! That's it! That's my car! How'd it get there? I thought for sure I parked closer to the door."
Another mental head slap.
"Thank you so much!"
Someone please take away her license before she forgets how to drive.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keva Structures game review from MindWare Toys

I'm a home schooling mom of three. While my two boys are still preschool level, I use every opportunity I can to teach and enrich their knowledge. Children learn more from birth to five years old than they learn their entire life after. They have minds like sponges, soaking up concepts that we as adults might not understand. For my boys' learning, the best way to teach is through hands on activities. They are hyper active and don't like sitting still for long without some kind of stimulating exercises. MindWare sent me the Keva Structures game for a review.
It comes with 200 pine wood planks and a guide book with ideas for building. There is no messy glue, no connector pieces. Just wood and imagination!
I love these. Growing up, my dad had a wood shop. When he had small pieces of wood left over from a project he would let us play with them. In our minds it was more fun than any multi-gadget toys and noise makers. These planks smell like fresh pine. They are smoothly cut so as not to give little fingers splinters. They provide hours of quiet fun.
They actually used Keva planks to construct the worlds tallest Keva Structure in the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.. It was 51 feet, 8 inches tall! They used 5,123 planks and took 13 hours to build it.
Even my baby girl wanted to join the fun!
When the fun is all done, the kids get a chance to pick them up and practice their packing skills to fit everything into the box neatly. This game requires concentration and helps to refine motor skills as they design and build amazing structures.
As an added bonus, they also sent a sampler book of their MindWare Brain Teasers.
Extreme Dot-to-Dot anyone??
Highly detailed coloring pages.
And Venn Perplexors to really boggle the mind.
Everything at MindWare is based on learning and exploration. You can check out their website, Facebook or their Twitter to keep up with specials and news.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ridiculous Ramblings in Retail Returns (say that 5 times fast)

I thought you might enjoy another dose of humor. So here is a days worth of fun (triple bonus!). Hope you enjoy!

Popcorn brings out the strange in people….
I was standing at the front by the checkout lanes. Behind me is the Cafe. The gentleman working in there comes out to stand next to me and chat. An older lady comes up to us wanting popcorn.
"Right this way, Miss and I can get that for you." The employee says.
"What sizes do you have?" She asks.
"We have one size; small, medium and large - all rolled up into one." He tells her.
"I want a small!"
I couldn't help myself, I just had to walk away laughing.

Earlier that same morning there was someone else that went into the Cafe wanting popcorn. A deaf girl who was with her grandmother decided to pop in on their way out. Both were signing away as they finished checking out. As they neared the doors to exit, the girl stops and tells her grandmother she's going to get a drink and popcorn. The grandma says sure, go ahead.
So in walks the girl and orders her drink and a small popcorn. The lady behind the counter takes her order and hands her a cup. Then she pulls out the popcorn bag and fills it to almost overflowing. As the girl walks back to her grandmother, she has a puzzled look on her face. Her grandma asks why she got a bigger size.
"I didn't! I ordered a small and this is what the lady gave me."

That day must have been crazy for popcorn day. And from it I have a third interesting fellow to tell you about.
He walks in and orders popcorn. But he tells the employee behind the counter that he only wants popcorn that is all the same color.
He wanted only buttered (yellow) or non-buttered (white) pieces in his bag.
"I'm sorry sir, I can't separate the popcorn. It comes as I scoop it into the bag."
A suggestion was made that we give him two bags: one full of popcorn, the other empty. Then he can separate his own!

Costume Discounters.com Child Rose Princess dress review

Looking for that perfect costume for Halloween this year? Or perhaps you are looking for just an affordable one for your kids to play in? I was recently offered the chance to review a costume from Costume Discounters.com. They have a wide variety of costumes for every age, gender, size and style you could search for. I chose the Child Rose Princess costume.
It’s such an adorable little dress that comes with a fiber optic system in the skirt that makes it sparkle! I can’t show you how it sparkles as the dress I was sent was a tester one and the batteries were dead. But I promise to update this posting if I get batteries for it later. The dress is made from standard costume materials but is well able to withstand some wear and play. It has great details to make your little princess shine. The material is also breathable so she won't be sweating while she imagines. There is a solid pink skirt with sheer tulle overlay. The rose at the waist and trimmings around the neckline, arms and waist line add such details to make this dress absolutely adorable.
I love having costumes around for the kids to play in as it encourages the imagination to roam free and creativity to grow in children. There have even been Camden scholars speaking about the Disney Princess culture and how it relates to todays young girls. Playing dress up not only provides fun, but helps girls feel beautiful at a young age. It gives them that strong and powerful feeling when they are in charge of the events in their pretend stories.
My sister was my assistant in testing this one out. She was such a little cutie who looked like a beautiful princess indeed.
Right now, there is a promotion going on. Costumes that are $20.00 and more are 20% off when you enter the code FUN20. Also, Costume Reviewers has a contest for customers as well as us bloggers where they will randomly select 2 $100 winners. Just an added bonus! 8-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ridiculous Ramblings in Retail

I’m back to working in a large nationwide retail store. While retail can have its boring days, you set up a good sale or have boring weekends in town - people come out of the woodwork to shop. Or in some cases... Tornado weather strikes and people decide, "I've just got to have that bicycle!"
Just about every shift I have, I can clock out from with another story of the ridiculous, stupid, or maybe just BIZARRE variety that our small town has within its borders. This is where my stories come from. I am NOT making this stuff up! People really are like this. I’ve decided to share some of these and hopefully bring some smiles to the rest of humanity. So sit back, have a laugh, and try not to wet yourself.

Show and Ride
One day, I’m standing at the front lanes (where you check out), and this large tour bus group comes bursting in our doors. The types of people on this particular bus were foreigners on vacation.

One elderly gentleman walks over to me shaking. He asks, “Do I show you my ID?”
“Show me your ID? Why?” I’ve lost the plastered on smile I wear while working and have completely opened up to show my confusion. “Yes, this. My ID, here.” He hands me this piece of paper that is in Spanish. From it I can tell only that he had Parkinson’s disease, his name, and the country he came from. I again asked why he was giving me his identification paper. “I want to drive cart with motor.” He starts pointing his shaking finger at the motorized carts parked nearby.
I had to fight from busting out in laughter. “No, sir. You do not need an ID to drive that.” We walk over to them. I make sure it’s unplugged and tell him he can ride it now. “Is hard to drive?” Now I’m doing a mental head slap imagining this guy crashing into everything around the store or mowing people down. I would much rather someone push him around in the cart with the kiddie seats attached but suggesting such a thing might cost me my job…
So now begins the process of explaining how to use it... “First you have to sit down. Then you switch this to the ‘On’ position. These levers are for forwards and backwards. Just turn the handlebars to turn.”
“So like this?” The cart lurches forwards then jerks backwards. He gets this frightened look but tries again. A huge smile spreads across his face and I begin to wonder if I just signed someone else’s death warrant. Maybe he should drive with the guy who rides his lawn mower to the store to do his shopping.

Cool Gear Chiller review

I feel guilty buying drinks on the go. More bottles that might end up in the trash, more money I have to shell out that I could be saving. So I usually try to bring my own. I fill it up with water and keep it in the refrigerator so it's cold when I want it. The first reusable cup I had was a tumbler I'd gotten in a freebie giveaway. The first time my son dropped it, it was history. I ended up winning another free one later on, but I have to keep it from the kids since it’s just another cheap one that would be easily broken. I went searching for more family-oriented gear. That's when I came across Cool Gear. They offer a wide variety of products for the whole family. Bottles, cute lunch bags, water filter bottles, travel mugs, storage options, customizable, and more for you to check out.
As the name says, they have lots of cool gear that's family friendly. Bright colors, styles, and uses that make it easy to find the right kind for each individual. They sent me a 20 ounce Chiller that I really love.
Vibrant orange with a tropical flower design all around it comes with a sturdy patterned grip so I won't have to worry so much about little butter fingers getting ahold of it. It has an inner layer with gel to keep my drink colder, longer. I enjoy taking it to work. It even brightens the office while keeping me hydrated and ready for action. It has a seal in the lid to keep liquid from leaking out.
I like this because if my boys get my cup and accidentally tilt it over while drinking, it's not as likely to make a huge mess that I'll have to clean up. It comes with a hard plastic reusable straw.
The straw has a large rounded out edge on the bottom so that the straw can’t just slide out if your cup gets titled over by the little bandits. If for any reason you do lose a part such as your straw or lid, they have the replacements parts! They have so much to offer for those trying to cut back on waste and keep the healthy lifestyle. Check them out and tell me what you think in the comments below! Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, as well as Statigram.

***This product was sent to me free for the purpose of writing this review. I was not otherwise endorsed or told what to say. All opinions stated are strictly my own.***

Friday, April 5, 2013

Words of the wise on Retail

Did you know?

Theft is pretty high in retailers these days. Blame the economy or poor upbringing if you will. But if you steal, you just drive the economy into worse shape. How can that possibly be so?
Let's say I have the big box store "V". V orders its products from vendors X, Y, Z to be sold on its shelves. Normally V sell these products at just $1-2 higher than they bought it for. This is overhead and some profit for the company. In comes thieves. The thieves stuff products into their purses, come up with return fraud ideas, pass fraudulent coupon transactions, write stolen or fraudulent checks... The list goes on.
But V is insured. It's a huge company nationwide! No way does my actions affect everyone else. Oh but they do...
You steal, or return certain things because you're ignorant and selfish and it will impact the economy. V will start raising prices to recoup what they have lost. Higher prices mean less money for people to spend. Less money to spend turns into even more loss for V. Suddenly V has to lay off people. Those left working for V now have to take hour cuts. Those workers now can't afford to shop much either. It's a vicious cycle.
"I'm an outstanding citizen! I'd never steal." Good for you! But do you return a lot stuff? Did you know some retailers will do just about anything to keep their customers happy? Lets go back to V. Here's V's policy: buy something and save your receipt. Should you not like the item, want, or need that item any time up until 30 days - bring the item back for a refund. No questions asked. Sounds good to me. Here's the problem. This lady comes in and buys a shirt. She loves this shirt. She goes home, washes the shirt, and starts using this shirt. 29 days later she has been using this shirt and washing it repeatedly. Suddenly this shirt has a hole in it! Instead of saying, "Wow, I bought a cheap shirt. Better not do that again." She hunts out her receipt grabs the shirt and heads to V. After telling the customer service employee how she wore the shirt and washed it until it was holey, she expects to return it so she can get herself a new shirt. No problem, ma'am! She gets her money back and can go shop again. But V can't sell that shirt again. They basically just bought back a piece of trash. They can't even donate something like that. It has to be defected out. What does this mean? It means its going to be sent back to the manufacturer for a small amount of money to be refunded to V. So once again V loses profits and now the manufacturer loses too. This is one way of how smaller manufacturing companies go out of business.

There's another way. Did you know if you buy food from a retail or grocery store, there are laws and regulations to deal with concerning returns? Let me explain some of them...
Lets say I go shopping at V. I'm buying food. I load up my cart with various food items; cold as well as dry. I get in line and am ready to pay. Oops! I forgot my card or payment isn't accepted because I took daddy's checks and now I can't use it with my license. Oh well, here's your products back, I'll have to do my shopping later. What happens to those products? The cold food items have to be defected and thrown away. We can't guarantee your health and safety because we don't know how long they have been out of the freezers. The dry food items are returned to the shelves though. But can you imagine how much food is thrown away?! People are starving and we have to toss it because someone didn't plan their shopping just a little smarter.
Lets say you did buy everything. You buy cold foods, flour, bread, sugar, candies, and can goods. Now for whatever reason you get home and look at those groceries and say to yourself, "I don't need any of this!" So back to V you go to return it all. Know what happens to it all? Besides the can goods, everything else has to be defected. Cold foods will be thrown away. Flour, sugar, bread and yes, even the candies are now defective. I witnessed one woman bring back $50 worth of Easter candy and goods. $50! Why? Absolutely no reason given. Just didn't want it. Remember the policy - no questions asked. Of all the things brought back, only about 6 of them could go back on the shelf (after having to be discounted). And none of the candy could be sold again. Fortunately, V has a donation program so those things get donated to shelters and needy in our area. Otherwise, it would all be defected and tossed. This still hurts V's overall business. It hurts the manufacturing businesses. Think twice before making a purchase, people!!! What we do always has a cause and effect reaction to others. It may not seem like much. What's an $8 shirt return? It could mean a single mother working part time loses 5 hours she would normally get. It could equal a price hike. A hard working guy could be laid off because "sales are down" and V can't keep everyone.
Coupon fraud is another thing. Here's a clue: Extreme Couponers, it's NOT REAL! Ask any serious couponer. It doesn't matter where you live, that isn't how things really work. It's just a reality show that uses publicity to further cripple companies. Reality is some people pretend they are extreme couponers. But in order to get those things for free or make money off all of them, they use their coupons to get the travel/trial sizes for free. Then they buy other things with money they make off the transaction. I've seen one woman do it repeatedly. Then she comes back next week to return all those travel sizes with her receipt and get about $30 in cash back. Did you know that make up, hair products, personal care products... All those type things, once bought and returned cannot be sold again? They may have been tampered with or used and are no longer worthy of the shelf. They have to be donated or thrown out after being defected.

Can you see it now? How much money is wasted! All because people don't think and make smarter decisions while shopping. If you don't truly want that item, if you're not seriously in love with that clothing, if you're not sure that shampoo is what your husband wants... Don't buy it! Think of others and how your ripple of decisions will affect the rest of the economy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kicking Horse Coffee review and giveaway

Hello coffee drinkers! I have a review you might be interested in. Kicking Horse Coffee sent me a can of their Kick Ass brew (that's literally the name!) to try out and report about here.

Some things about Kicking Horse coffee that makes them cool: they use only Fair Trade Arabica beans. Each batch is sampled before it can be bagged and sold. It’s grown in the shade to provide richer flavor as well as support a healthy planet. What else is there to like?
I love the fact it comes in a metal can. It's recycled steel and as they point out, it takes 75% less energy to reproduce. On top of that it can be recycled an infinite amount of times. Secondly, this can was made in North America. Way to boost our economy and jobs at home! So when we are done with this can, it will be recycled; either in the bin that goes to the curb or possibly through my mom saving it for another purpose.
Now about the coffee itself! Kick Ass is a Dark brew. It mixes Indonesian and Central American roasts. It comes in whole bean form. It smells so wonderful when you grind it fresh. I had my dad and husband both drink it and give me their opinions about it. My dad likes his coffee strong and black – nothing added. He said this flavor wasn’t that strong for him. My husband on the other hand likes adding sugar and milk. He said he liked the taste. It was just strong enough for him.
Be sure to check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter to keep up with what's going on. You can buy from them online or through Amazon.
Now for the giveaway information! Its open to residents of the United States as well as Canada (where the coffee comes from). Retail price is valued at $13.99 (can of Kick Ass, KHC gift bag and brochure). The coffee is available in whole bean only, so make sure you have access to a grinder.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where have our virtuous values vanished to?

Once upon a time...
We have all heard stories that start with those words. Nowadays it's the title of a hit TV show depicting classic fairy tales with a modernistic twist.
They are also typically the beginning of tales concerning bravery, honor, dignity, honesty and chivalry. Whatever happened to those virtues?
A man who would brave the monsters or stand before an army showing no fear, only courage, to his enemies. Women with honor worth fighting and dying for. Anyone ever heard of the old common law - You touch her, you marry her? Shot gun wedding? Even if you don't like musicals, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is where I first learned the terms. I'm not a big musical fan, but that was one I could watch over and over. Historically, if you "touched" her, your choices were to marry her with her dad standing ready with his shotgun or he would hang you from the nearest tree.
Dignity is a word that most people these days probably don't even know the meaning of. "Dignity - the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect." Once upon a time, you earned high esteem and respect by the way you acted towards and treated others. Just as the Golden Rule says: do unto others as you would have done unto you.
How many people these days feel guilty when they tell a lie? When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a white lie. You either tell the truth or you don't. And yes, sometimes the truth hurt. Sometimes people get their feelings hurt because they can't handle the truth. Or they just don't want to accept it. Does that mean we should just baby their feelings? I think not. It's raising a generation of pansy-hearted fools who want to live in a day dream of over-inflated egos.
Chivalry, according to the dictionary means courtesy towards women. It was more than opening a door and letting a woman pass through first. A gentleman would lay down his cloak or coat over a mud puddle so that a lady wouldn't soil her petticoat. He would go that extra mile just to put her mind at ease or to see her smile. Don't get me wrong, I don't think women should be as weak as they once were. Fainting at the sight of blood? No, thanks. Nor would I want two guys to duel over my affections and have the winner (whoever was still alive) calling claim over me afterwards. It's the passion and honor though that has been truly lost. And to be honest, women may have been the ones who pushed it all away. Women fought for equality, which is fine in some areas. But we keep pushing. If a man holds the door open for the wrong woman, the response might be something along the lines of, "What? I can't open my own door?" when it should have been, "Thank you."
Today we have STD's running rampant, young girls becoming single mothers, guys chasing what's considered "easy tail", lying about anything and everything as easy as if they were telling the truth, stealing as though everything in the world belongs to them...
What happened? Will we ever truly see the once upon a time moments return? Or will they only appear in the handful of people who are still holding fast to the beauty of an age long past? They seem to be prominent in movies, television and books but the response to them is, "It's just a work of fiction. None of that is true. That doesn't happen in real life."
I hope everyone that reads this, takes a good look around them. I hope you pay more attention to others. Be a little more mindful of how you act and treat those you come in contact with. Who knows? Maybe we can revive old virtues once again.