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Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Disney movie

Raise your hand if you saw Cars! *raises my hand* Did you see it more than once? I have it mostly memorized. Did you see Cars 2? So did we! Those two have been among the most loved movies in our home, if not right at the top. Now put your hand down before it gets all tingly...
We were looking forward to the new Disney's Planes movie since we first heard about it at the end of Cars 2 in theaters. Now we are even more excited since it's finally within sight! I get to share an awesome poster and information they sent to me, with you guys. Our family is hoping to see it in theaters. Mater better watch out - I might have a new favorite ;-)
Information on the movie is as follows:
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyPlanes
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/DisneyPictures
Genre: Animation/Adventure
Rating: TBD
Release Date: August 9, 2013
Voice Cast: Dane Cook
Director: Klay Hall
Producer: Traci Balthazor-Flynn
From above the world of “Cars” comes “Disney’s Planes,” an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar. “Disney’s Planes” takes off in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013.

***All information shared below picture is curtesy of Disney. I do not own rights to it.***

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shoplet.com eProcurement tools promotion

You all might remember a couple of previous posts I wrote about Shoplet.com and some of the things they sent me to review; Purell by Gojo and the Pentel Pens. Shoplet.com offers a large variety of office supplies that are useful for your office, home office or just your home needs.
My husband and I run his small business from our home. We go through printer paper, pens, inks... all kinds of things rather quickly. Shoplet.com makes it easier to order everything at once rather than me having to drive to various stores to get them. Especially since most of the big name stores are at least 45 minutes away.

Shoplet.com is currently running a fun promotion as they are spreading the word about new eProcurement tools they have to offer. I’m going to include an animated commercial video that explains the benefits of these new tools. Embedded inside the video though, are “treasures” for you to find. These treasures are Shoplet.com logo price tags that contain codes. You can submit your answers after viewing the video and receive up to 10% off your next purchase at Shoplet.com.

Did you find all the treasures? Share our Treasure Hunt with your friends so they can win too!

That's the video. Click the plus sign in the circle at the top right corner to get started for the treasure hunt! Enter the treasure codes you find in the form. Shoplet.com will then email you a coupon to receive 10% off your next order. They are also running a promotion that most orders over $45 gets free shipping! If you are in charge of supplies and ordering, you will definitely make your boss happy with the amount of efficiency and savings.
Some of the business solutions tools Shoplet.com has to offer would be things like Quick Order Form. If you know the SKU number of items you order regularly, just enter the number and the quantity you want of that item. You can track your order and know just when to expect your items to arrive. You can create an Approved List of items you purchase on a regular basis for your business. This makes it quicker and easier to get what you need since you won't have to shop through everything else to find it. That seems like the most useful tool to me.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Runa tea

I like trying teas of different kinds. Especially a potentially healthier type. I was allowed the chance to sample some Guayusa tea from Runa. Guayusa plants are grown in the rain forest under the shade of other trees. I enjoyed reading about the process on the Runa.org website. If you want to learn more, check out this link. I like that Runa has tea in various forms: bottled, bagged as well as loose leaf. The benefit to Guayusa tea that most interested me was how one cup of it has an equal amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, however, it has twice the amount of antioxidants. Get the vitamins with the energy kick!
Runa sent me samples of 4 flavors: Traditional, Mint, Ginger-citrus, and Cinnamon-lemongrass.
I drank the Mint flavored one in the morning before breakfast. You can definitely taste the mintyness in it. It was strong, but not overpowering.
The Traditional one was sweeter (though since I flavor my teas with honey instead of sugar... could've been the honey?) than most teas I've had. I found I enjoyed this one the best.
In the Citrus-lemongrass I could taste the citrus. It wasn't a strong taste but it was good and on the sweet side as well.

I'm sorry I didn't try the Cinnamon-lemongrass one. Most cinnamon-flavored things makes me feel sick. My husband said he'd be up to try it and if not my mother might. Once they do, I'll add their comments about it.

As far as being energizing, I had them mostly early in the morning as a wake up kick-start or late in the evening when I felt ready to keel over. It gave me just enough boost to get back on track but I wasn't wired for hours on end. Runa has put together plenty of information concerning the health benefits they offer in their Guayusa teas. You can read about those here.
They are looking to push boundaries and expand a world of clean energy. In doing this, they have an ambassador program for "movers and shakers". If you go above and beyond in your own way, maybe you should check them out! http://www.runa.org/community/ambassador/
Right now it seems they mostly sell in New York. But you can also order from them online. Check them out and leave me a comment about what you think.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration System

In my household we drink a lot of water. It is a lot healthier for us and I always have it on hand. We had a water filtration system before, but it wasn't something we kept around for more than a year. We instead often buy water bottles and gallon jugs of water. My husband doesn't like drinking tap water as he says it tastes funny. I don't mind drinking it, but where we live you can taste the chlorine that the City uses to clean it. For some people the smell and slight taste can be awful.
Mavea sent me their Elemaris XL system to try out for free and do a review on. These are the pitcher type system and they come in several colors.
They are definitely supior to ones I had tried before. I really like the way the lid shows its still dripping (as the water is passing through the filter).
It has a way of telling you how strong the filter life is so you know when it needs to be changed.
When it runs down to 0% filter life yet, you will see it flashing like this:
I also like that it has a non-slip grip in the bottom. Unlike most plastic pitchers, it won't slip around. This is great if you have children who like running through your kitchen like I do. The handle has a grip which makes it very comfortable to hold.
Mavea is engineered and made in Germany. I love having more options in the colors too so no matter what decor you have in your kitchen, you are bound to find something that matches. Be sure you follow the instructions. Running the water through twice before drinking from it is important. The first batch of water might look blackish. I like their suggestion of using the first 2 runs to water plants. Waste not, want not!
If you want to check out Mavea and see what they have to offer, just follow this link. You can also check them out on Facebook and find their products at a variety of eshops online. Check them out and let me know in comments below what you think about them! Thanks for reading.
***I was sent this water filter pitcher free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid or otherwise endorsed in what to say. This is my honest opinion based on my usage of the product.***

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pentel Pens via Shoplet.com review

Everyone uses pens. Everyday we have to write things. Letters, lists, love notes... Or perhaps if you are creative you might write stories, books, and poems. I love to write. Almost as much as I love reading. But not every pen is created equal. I like trying out different pens to see what feels best in my fingertips as I write. I find I prefer to have a smooth ink as it makes your writing look of a higher quality. Gel ink rolls out with the stroke of your letters. It also has a tendency to keep the pen from getting caught on the paper and potentially tearing a hole in it. Pentel sent me a few of their pens and a mechanical pencil to test out for a review. You can find these and other office supply products at Shoplet.com. Shoplet.com offers many office supplies to satisfy your needs.
I received the Pentel EnerGel X Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens in several colors as well as the EnerGize X Mechanical Pencil. They are sleek with each one having a clip (nerds like these for pockets!). They have grips for your fingertips to grab on as your hands translate what you brain submits. Besides the normal black and blue ink pens they also have the neon colored pink, neon orange, red, light blue, green and purple. Each of the colors matches the ink inside. This is helpful when you go to grab a pen but need a specific color. The bright colors are wonderful for creative writing. I like to write letters but a boring paper with black or regular blue ink on it is just that sometimes. Red is a color I use for adjustments, grading and editing.
I like that each of these gel pens comes with an easy to remove seal on the end. This way the ink doesn't get shaken out or leak before you use it. I also like the vividness of the colors and how smooth the ink flows. Call me a dreamer but my ink glides! I prefer retractable pens to pens with lids. When I'm in a hurry, I like to "close" up my pen before running off. It's a bit of an OCD tick of mine. It's like leaving something partially undone.
While I like the grips on the pens, these seem to be a little thin on the grip-able side. They are too smooth. This can be a problem for someone like me who writes a long amount of time per sitting and sometimes my hands get a little clammy or sweaty... With weak grips my hands might slide forcing me into a break I'm not wanting to take.
Compared to other pens I've used in the past, these are really nice overall.
Some other perks to these pens would be that the grips are latex-free. So if you have an allergy to latex, you can still still enjoy the non-slip pens. These pens are refillable. Pentel refill packs are also sold on Shoplet.com. They are a part of Recycolgy, which means they are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials excluding consumable content (ink) and refills (again the ink). The pens in particular are made of 84% recycled plastic. Great way to keep some plastic out of the landfills.
***These items were sent to me for free for the purpose of this review. I was not reimbursed in any other way nor was I told what to say. These are my opinions alone.***

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paper Lanterns by Divine-Planet.com review

I love to decorate our home using unique things. Unique and colorful! So I was really excited when I was granted the chance to review 3 paper stars from Divine-Planet.com. They are vibrantly colored and so easy to fold out. It adds a cheery lighting option to any room. Each paper star lantern is hand-made; from the glue, paintings and folding!
I requested the The Fire Star Lamp, Butterfly Star Lamp, and the Hologram Lantern in Silver. The Hologram Lantern in Silver is covered in a holographic shiny material. The light actually reflects off it and catches in a pretty way. It goes in any room!
The Butterfly one I hung above my daughters bed. It's like have a cheery lighted mobile that glitters and catches her attention.
The Fire Star hangs above my kitchen bar and adds a bright edge to my fiesta-styled kitchen decor. It is reminiscent of the Harley style and colors.
I decided to include a video showing you just how easy they are to put together and enjoy.
They measure 24 inches from point to point.
You can also choose not to order the light cord if you just want to hang the star around your home.
They also have a Facebook page you can check out for updates.
We put one in my sister's closet. It adds a soft glow inside.
***I was sent these items for free for the sole purpose of doing this review. I was not paid or otherwise reimbursed. I was not told what to say. These are completely my opinions of the products***

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Style J Skirt review

I love blue jean clothing. It's durable, long lasting, always fashionable, goes with anything - day or night.
I especially enjoy blue jean skirts. They can be so cute and flirty while still being modest depending on the length and style. I recently was given the chance to review one of the new jean skirt styles from Style J. You can check out their selections at this link.
I received the box from them pretty quick. They not only sent me the skirt but this really amazing card with "Thank You" inside!
As well as a multi-colored ink pen. Talk about going the extra mile! It was a really nice surprise.
At first I requested the wrong size, so I offered to send it back to exchange it. They were very nice about it and agreed immediately.
The skirt is a really cute design. The blue jean material is stretchy and the button was unique with the Style J design on it. It's really not like your run of the mill designs with just a name on it.
I suggest getting a skirt 1-2 sizes smaller than your measurement if you aren't really sure. Or definitely read their guide on skirt sizing. The jean material is stretchy and has a little more room to expand in than normal jean products. I liked how easy the button fits into the button hole. I know it might sound weird, but I've had skirts and jeans that had a hole so small I had to fight the button to go in. Or on the opposite side, one so loose the button lets itself open. So having a button/hole that is just right = great craftsmanship. The pockets have a very cute design on them too. I love cute pocket designs. It adds class to the rear ;-)
It's not a stiff blue jean. It's actually flexible and soft.
They offer skirts for girls as well as women in many shades, sizes, and styles. They even have maternity skirts! I was also amazed by the Extra Tall selection. I'm a tall woman and finding long skirts that go at least to my ankles is very difficult. I'll admit, being in skirts and dresses makes me feel like a true lady - but only when they reach that perfect length! They go by waist measurements instead of standard sizing. I think this works better (provided you measure yourself correctly!) since every company out there has their own ideas on what equals size X, Y or Z. Going by waist measurements is much easier for someone like me. My hips aren't aligned right from the scoliosis so wearing skirts is a plus. I don't have to worry about finding jeans that fit perfectly.
One other thing to point out is that once they sell out, that style is gone! So if you see something you like, get it while they have it.
You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates on the latest additions and deals. You can also Like them on Facebook. Check them out and leave a comment about what you think! Also, you can check out their affiliate websites: www.trendyskirts.com and www.officeskirts.com.
I let my mom try it on and even though she is slightly bigger, even she fit it since it does stretch.
***I was sent these items for free for the sole purpose of doing this review. I was not paid or otherwise reimbursed. I was not told what to say. These are completely my opinions of the products***