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Thursday, October 25, 2012

NoThrow revisions

For anyone who was interested in the NoThrow tether review I had done a while back - I have some revisions to add.
The product itself is still really great. My sons no longer use the cup tether since they think its fun to take it off. I do, however, still use the pacifier tether on my baby girls pacifier. Absolutely love it.
What I no longer like about the company? The fact that they didn't deliver what they promised and are no longer are answering my emails. I was told 2 of my readers would win 2 NoThrow tethers each. I set up the giveaway, got my winners randomly, and then got the winners' information to forward to the NoThrow contact. I was told everything would be sent out shortly but now I find one of the winners didn't receive her prizes. And after emailing my contact at NoThrow several times and sending a message via their website - still no answer!
So I'm warning anyone who may be interested: be aware. They were nice and good to me, but they were sending a product in exchange for my review. Sadly most companies assume their products will get a good review which is why they might be nicer to a blogger than to the actual customer. Hopefully, none of you have had problems with them or any other company I reviewed. If you did though - please leave a comment letting me know! I'm sorry for this, but honesty is important. I won't endorse or promote someone who doesn't keep their word.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Superfood Snacks review

I'm on the hunt for healthier living. My baby girl is 8 weeks old and I'm already back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So now I'm focusing on getting myself and my family into eating healthier foods. My boys are always snacking here and there. But they always look for the junk food first.
I found this company called Superfood Snacks online. They make snacks that are made from raw ingredients so they are better for you. As a bonus, they are also packaged in biodegradable packs so you don't have to worry about filling the landfill with packaging that's toxic to the earth.
I was given two flavors to sample: Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy and Green Chocolate Dream.

The Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy has a strong coconut smell and taste to it. Normally I'm not a fan of coconut because I don't like the texture but with this, there's a balance with the fruits and nuts that make it rather tasty. The fruit taste is also strong though. Not too sweet but also not bitter like dark chocolate tends to be. It's chewy and thick which gives it the filling ability.
My oldest son and husband tasted a little of this one and both ran off promptly looking for a trash can... My younger son, however, wanted seconds. This tells me that you have to have open taste buds and a love for different foods to truly appreciate the unique flavors.
The other flavor I tried was the Green Chocolate Dream. I have to be honest, this one didn't thrill me as much. But it was still good. I had a bit of an after-taste that I can't quite describe that stuck around in the back of my throat. The texture on this one was just as thick and chewy as the other flavor.
I even shared these with my mom and siblings. I again got a mixed reaction, but those who enjoyed them said the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy was the better flavor.
So what do I think overall? Not too bad. It makes a great on-the-go snack. Fills you up, has a pretty good taste and biodegradable packaging. Win win in my opinion.
Each pack comes with 6 pieces that makes up three servings. They have easy-to-read ingredients that you know aren't man-made such as Brazil nuts, raw cacao, Chia seeds, mango, coconut, vanilla, Goji berries and so many more "superfoods". Superfood Snacks are big on researching ancient cultures to see what was and still is eaten around the world where people were and mostly still are in excellent health. Some other things about them I like:
  • Organic and gluten-free
  • High in antioxidants
  • Boosts your energy and vitality
  • LOTS of fiber - great for moms like me who are nursing
  • Plenty of other things we need but probably aren't getting enough of like magnesium, calcium, protein, iron - you get the idea
There are no wheat, dairy, rice, soy, corn, fillers or refined sugars in these snacks either.
Definitely check them out! They recommend you try it over a weeks time to truly see a difference.
These are links to follow, read up and contact them by:
***I was not paid to say anything about this product. I was sent these items free in exchange for my honest opinions in the form of a review.***

Friday, October 5, 2012

ChopSaver review - For People with Lips!

If you're like me, you need some kind of lip balm on a regular basis. Whether you play a wind or brass instrument, live in a hot climate (like Texas!) or even because of the medications you may be taking - your lips might get dry and sore. I always have to keep 2 on hand. One on my dresser for easy access inside and one in my bag that I carry when I go out. But I haven't found one that truly lasts long and keeps my lips really moisturized. I also don't like many of the flavors I've tried. Recently I contacted Chop Saver. They make a gluten-free, 100% all natural botanicals and organic lip balm. I thought, no way it can be all natural. Somewhere in there has to be one of those long worded chemicals that no one can pronounce. But I was pleasantly wrong!

So why am I now in love with Chop Saver?
1. All natural ingredients means its healthier for me. Less chance of "catching cancer" and all that jazz.
2. I love citrus tastes and smells. Since Chop Saver uses citrus oils and extracts, you can smell and taste it as soon as you put it on.
3. Long lasting! Even my husband tried it and could still taste some lingering the next day. My lips feel moist much longer than they ever did using name brand lip balms.
4. Made in the USA!! I'm a proud American who loves a homegrown product.
A little background info about Chop Saver:
It was originally invented by a musician. Trumpet player to be exact - Dan Gosling relies on his lips for a living. So they need to stay moist and comfortable as he plays. He began experimenting in his kitchen with herbs and extracts. From his search for the perfect lip balm came ChopSaver. There are two kinds: Original and Gold. Original is for everyday use while Gold has SPF 15 for outdoor use.

This is also great for patients taking Isotretinoin which is used to treat severe recalcitrant nodular acne (a certain type of severe acne).
Or even for people who suffer from Cheilitis (a medical condition involving inflammation of the lip).

You can request a free sample to see for yourself how wonderful it is by contacting ChopSaver in the following ways:

Dan Gosling -

Call 877-346-0951 ext. 300

Email dan@chopsaver.com


Rhea Newman -

Call 877-346-0951 ext. 301

Email rhea@chopsaver.com


Check them out at  www.ChopSaver.com
And on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/chopsaver?fref=ts
***I was not paid to say anything about this product. I was sent these items free in exchange for my honest opinions in the form of a review.***