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Monday, April 30, 2012

One of "those" days....

Ever have one of "THOSE" days? You know what I'm talking about. The world could be in utter chaos and you wouldn't have a clue because you are so busy taking care of your own business and trying to keep from pulling out your hair. One of "THOSE" days. Today is like that. Its nearing 6PM and I'm up to my neck in chores, business transactions, hunger pains, and half naked children needing attention. The morning started like most mornings, my 2 year old wakes me up at 6:30 by kicking me in the back. He refuses to spend the full night alone and usually by 1AM has crawled into bed with me. Being that I'm 22 weeks pregnant with baby #3, I haven't slept well. Just can't get comfortable with the expanding belly and back pains. So I roll out of bed (literally) and blindly search for my glasses since I'm blind as a bat without them. We stumble to the living room and he starts whining. I know the routine by heart and could probably do it in my sleep. Grab his made-the-night-before sippy cup of milk, pour him a bowl of Cheerios, and switch on his favorite TV show so we can talk to the characters on the screen about shapes and colors. By this time I'm awake. I start throwing on clothes, changing diapers, and making my 3 year old get out of bed. He's like me - not much of a morning person. Then its time to get them dressed as my husband texts to come pick him up from work. From then on its just little things. Lunch at 11, naps at 1, wake up by 4 and on to making dinner. My husband sleeps all day so its just me and the little guys. Usually I just deal with them taking all the couch cushions and pillows to their room to build a fort, dumping every toy they have out of the toybox and stripping down to their diapers so they can run through the apartment screaming, "Mommy has a naked boy!".
Today was a little different though. After time, I checked my emails and had some texts from my mother. My parents have 7 children still living at home and are currently looking for a new van to replace the one that has been breaking down repeatedly. So every time my dad finds one, he asks me to make calls for him to ask questions and find out where its at so he can go look at it. He's going deaf and doesn't like talking on the phone. Well, today I made a call. The guy called me back. I asked a bunch of the normal questions and called my dad to tell him what I found out. Then I started texting my and we shared how our days were going. While I'm doing these things, I made the boys soup and thought I'd let them hold their bowls and eat it by themselves while I had some emails to send. They ate most of it and threw the rest on the floor. No biggie, grab the vacuum and get to cleaning! Hmm but then most of it was still on the couch. Again, no biggie - just use the hose! It was stuck of course. I sit on the floor holding the vacuum in my feet while pulling and wiggling the hose with both hands trying to get it free so I can get the couch cleaned. It finally releases and snaps back to slice a chunk of my finger so I'm now bleeding. I have to stop to find a bandaid when suddenly I have 2 calls coming in at once. One from a collections agency (not someone I feel like talking to) and the other from someone wanting to buy some jewelry I listed for my mom. Here I am digging through a drawer trying to find bandaids and giving directions and telling the collections people to call me some other time. Then I'm back to finish the vacuuming. About this time I smell 2 diapers that need to be changed. Time to wrestle my little wiggle worms and get some booty cleaned. They take off in different directions, both knowing its more fun when mommy has to chase them. Again the phone rings just as I finish changing one of them. I answer with one hand and rush to throw away the stinky diaper in the other. Then I have a text coming in. My oldest comes in the living room and I quickly grab him before he can run again. Another diaper changed! Phone ringing again... I answer while starting to contemplate how I'm going to make those tacos. This girl really is directionally challenged. I've lost count of all the calls. My youngest says he is hungry again. This time I hold the bowl and spoon feed him myself. My oldest wants to play the Wii. So on comes Mario Kart! Now I have ground beef cooking on the stove, I am turning up the volume on the TV so I can try to drown out my drama queen neighbor who likes to sit outside on the phone broadcasting her relationship issues to the whole complex.... and starting to get kicks from a very hungry baby.
Its all part of one of "THOSE" days. I wouldn't trade these days for anything though. Besides keeping me active, they come with humor that reminds me no matter how busy I get I can still laugh. Like just now, listening to my oldest boy playing Mario Kart. He picked Mario to be his character. When Mario loses he says, "Oh Ma-ma!" To which my son yells back, "Fine, you go home to your mommy!" Can't get better than that.
Hope you are having one of those great days. Remember to smile at the end and hold on to those funny parts. Life is a roller coaster, ride with your hands up and scream "Whee!"